Technological Diversity
Our experts are well-versed in a variety of operating systems, hardware, networks and databases. From computers, servers, printers, phones and networks to commercial fleet tracking systems, office automation and dental x-ray imaging sensors, we can install and service just about any technology businesses encounter in their day-to-day operations. Let us tailor innovative solutions for your specific technology needs to limit exposure and maximize your return-on-investment. Helping your business thrive in the ever-changing era of technology is our top priority.

High Return-On-Investment
Do you spend most of your IT budget maintaining your current systems? Many companies find that constant reactive support creates a break/fix cycle that eats into their budget for new technology and proactive strategies, often without even realizing it. Decreased productivity due to slow, outdated and/or malfunctioning technology ends up costing businesses exponentially more than calculated investments in their technology. This situation is easily avoidable; don’t let it happen to you. By outsourcing your IT management to us, you can focus on what you do best while we make your technology work for you, not against you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
The world of information technology can be fast-paced and intimidating. That’s why our goal is to provide technology services and an experience that is tailored to your company’s needs. IntelliSys proudly offers free consultations. Our Eugene-based experts will listen to you, ask the right questions and develop a comprehensive plan. Need a complete technology overhaul? We’re here for you. Just have a quick question about your computer? We’ve got your back. Have a roof leak you need fixed? We probably can’t do that but we’ll refer you to someone who can!

No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


Something needs to change; your technology is working against you and you’re paying for it, but where do you start? What are your options? That’s where we come in. Our experts will analyze your situation, listen to your needs, ask the right questions and come up with a comprehensive plan to get your technology working for you.

Managed Services
Tired of unpredictable support costs every time you need computer help? Our managed services may be right for you. We’ll implement advanced strategies to automate routine maintenance tasks and take care of any problems that may arise, all for one flat monthly rate.

Hourly Technical Support
Printer problems? WiFi went down again? Something’s wrong but you’re not sure what? We’re here for you. Both remote and on-site IT services are available. Just because you’re not in Eugene doesn’t mean we can’t help right away!

HIPAA Compliance
IntelliSys offers comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs. If you are in need of an audit or just have questions, give us a call.

Many businesses struggle with slow and unreliable internet service, especially businesses with multiple locations. This problem intensifies when relying on cloud services, including VoIP phones, in order to remain open for business. With SD-WAN, these problems all but disappear. By combining two or more internet connections, we can increase overall throughput and provide fail-over in the event one link goes down. Tired of dropped phone calls and productivity interruptions? Give us a call.

Cloud Services
Are your aging servers costing you in maintenance, repairs and downtime? Contact us today to find out how migrating to the cloud can save you money and increase productivity. Combined with SD-WAN, our cloud services will make service interruptions a thing of the past.

Data Backup & Recovery
Is your business’ data backed up? Are you prepared for a hard drive crash, ransomware, physical theft, fire or natural disaster? Many businesses are one step away from losing all of their data. With IntelliSys hybrid backup solutions, your data is securely encrypted before being backed up locally and to our US-based data centers. Not only are our data centers secured with biometric access control and staffed 24/7, the backup processes are monitored 24/7 so we’ll be alerted right away if a backup fails.

Network Performance Analysis & Tuning
Is your network crawling? Do you have problems at certain times of the day but not others? Just feel like your network should be faster than it is? We’ll dispatch a network support expert to have a look. Most wired and wireless network speed issues are easily resolved by an experienced network engineer.

Network Security
Did you know that most successful hackers are able to move from device to device once they’re inside your network? With our advanced Intrusion Prevention Systems, getting hacked is nearly impossible. However, if the data on your network is highly sensitive, network segmentation and other advanced strategies can help eliminate any horizontal movement in the event of a breach.

Flexible Hardware Pricing
Enterprise grade hardware can be unbelievably costly and all but unattainable for smaller businesses. This is why you see many small businesses utilizing slow, unreliable and insecure consumer grade equipment. Don’t be that business. IntelliSys is proud to offer several low and no upfront hardware cost options for everything from network equipment to workstations, servers, printers and phones. Contact us for more information.